The UnPatient Manifesto


by Victoria Valencia Ferro

version 2.0, 9/26/2018

(originally published here 9/2014)


I take full responsibility for my health care.

I will not abdicate this responsibility to anyone.

As long as I am able, I lead the charge towards my own health, life and vitality.  I define what that means for me.

I welcome suggestions, recommendations, requests and pleas but I always have the final say.

I pursue knowledge and understanding on my health challenge.  

I ask the tough questions.  I do not leave a stone unturned.

I do not think of myself as a patient. I do not think of myself as sick.  I think of myself as powerful.

I practice self-compassion. I give value to my own voice.

I can learn any concept the doctor or scientist knows.  I will not be in the dark about any aspect of my own body.

I will seek depth and breadth of understanding on any subject that factors into my recovery.

The doctor, health researcher and others in my care team are my peers in this process.

I actively seek out and put together a world class, rock star care team willing to collaborate with me on my terms.

I do not take religious sides in the debate between Western and Natural Medicine.

I only care about solutions that work and will help me towards long term health and the highest quality of life.

I do my own due diligence.  I find resources and creative solutions.

I apply proven decision science principles together with my own intuition to arrive at optimal treatment choices.

I do not allow statistics to define my expectations nor my outcomes.

I do not allow even a hint of fear to enter my personal space.

I choose to practice faith, diligence and courage.

I leverage all the advantages of this present age.

I engage with enterprise, the arts, culture, politics, science and technology.

I find experts and communities that actively support me and my goals.

If I cannot find solutions, I take steps to create them.

I take massive action on my own behalf.

As long as I have breath,

I do not give up.

I am the UnPatient. 

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