Next on URx: Interview with Professor Robert Klempfner of the ARC Innovation Center at Sheba Medical Center

Right now I’m in the middle of editing a 40 minute video interview I conducted of Dr. Robert Klempfner, Professor of Medicine, Cardiologist, Head of the Rehabilitation Institute at Sheba Medical Center and Chief Scientific Officer of Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center and of Evan Nierman who is part of Sheba Medical Center’s PR and Communications Team.  This fascinating interview is easily one of the top 3 highlights of my first ever attendance of HIMSS, the behemoth global conference on Health IT that was held February of this year in Orlando, Florida.  The interview was held in the ARC Innovation Booth right on the HIMSS Exhibit Floor, with only a GoPro and no mic, so making the conversation fully audible is a bit challenging.  Thankfully, it is doable and I’m finally going to publish the interview as my next post on the Unpatient Revolution Blog and on   You don’t want to miss this conversation on the how the biggest hospital in the Middle East innovates in ways not seen anywhere in the world, right within the Startup Nation, Israel.

Interview with Professor Robert Klempfner and Evan Nierman of the ARC Innovation Center of Sheba Medical Center in Israel

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