Announcing: The Unpatient Manifesto, the multi-media book experience


A multi-media book production

Give the Gift of Empowerment to Patients in Treatment in 2020!

My beloved aunt, the painter Roceli Valencia-Eala, passed away from end stage breast cancer after a protracted struggle this year. As I grieved and pondered her life, and the lives of a dozen friends and family I have lost to cancer, it lit a fire under me to continue the advocacy that I had started in 2014.

My next creative venture is a multi-media experience that’s designed to empower and inspire people who are struggling with a difficult health issue.

“The Unpatient Manifesto” lays out the wisdom, philosophy and principles that were instrumental to my getting from Stage 4 Cancer to No Evidence of Disease.

Dr. Eva Weinlander of Stanford Medicine said this on her experience of hearing the manifesto spoken live:

“Victoria’s Unpatient Manifesto, which she reads onstage in-between scenes is a brilliant, impassioned declaration of what medical care should mean and look like for the very individual it is centered around and should be read by patients and physicians alike.”

Bill George, Former Director of Healing Rooms Redwood City wrote:

“Victoria Ferro’s performance of “I am the Unpatient” was an extremely powerful and inspiring statement of a person absolutely committed to being healed of 4th stage cancer. Her manifesto statement alone should be meditated on. It could be applied to how we choose to live our lives.”

Heartened by this response, I decided to write and produce a multi-media book experience expanding on the ideas in the manifesto, thus it shall be designed to offer more than the piece itself.

I’m raising funds/sponsorships at this point because as the author/producer, I wish to focus my energy on writing and producing the book for at least the next 90 days. I’m planning a publish date by the fourth quarter of 2019.

As a way to give back, I’ll be offering complimentary copies of the audio versions to cancer patients in treatment anywhere in the world.

And to all who will contribute to this project, I’ll provide complimentary copies of a book of meditations I am writing called “Words of Power, Words of Life”, as well as a copy of “The Unpatient Manifesto” when it is ready.

To have an idea of who I am and my story, I invite you to view a 17 minute art documentary film called “Pananampalataya”, which is the Filipino word for “Faith”, that follows me through 2 years of cancer treatments at the Stanford Cancer Center. The film won the Silver Remi Award at the 2016 Worldfest Film Festival and was lauded as Best Documentary Short at the 2017 American International Film Festival. Here’s the link to watch the film:

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


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